• The abstract art of algorithms
  • Reality is not as it always as it seems
  • Minimalist drawings in powerpoint
  • Rokas Lab themed posters
  • Miscellaneous pieces

  • The abstract art of algorithms.

    Using R, a computer programming langauge, cosine, and sine functions, algorithms can be written to help faciltate the creation of art. Here, I have implemented the amazing power of algorithm to create abstract patterns by inputting four different numbers to create these abstractions.


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    Reality is not as it always as it seems.

    In an unprecedented era of false facts, misinformation, and conspiracy theories, teasing apart reality from click-bait is an everyday task. To explore this further, I have taken some familiar images from the internet and stochastically removed lines of code that produce the image thus distorting them. In this way, familiar images become distinct from their origin in a style reminescent of cubism.

    The Pyramids.



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    Minimalist drawings in powerpoint.

    Prior to investing in a program to create vector images, I initially started drawing in powerpoint. The following are collections from this time.

    Bonkers, the cat.

    Rowboat man.

    To raise awareness of critically endangered animals, I have drawn their minimalist outline with dots in the background depicting the decrease in population size. More specifically, each dot represents one year.
    The critically endangered: Hawksbill turtle.


    The critically endangered: Black rhino.

    Coffee cup.

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    Rokas Lab themed posters.

    After seeing a twitter post (I sadly cannot find it again!) that showcased posters of scientific research labs and their area of study, I decided to make some of my own for the lab of my PhD advisor, Antonis Rokas. Collectively, we study factors that influence phylogenetics (left), evolutionary and functional genomics of yeasts and molds (middle), and the evolution of human pregnancy (right).


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    Miscellaneous pieces

    Sun frogs.

    The metamind.

    2018 Department of Biological Sciences, Vanderbilt University, T-shirt design contest winner.

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